G.I. City Council Tables Pension Lawsuit Decision


A decision on a settlement in the case Kortum vs. City of Grand Island was tabled at Tuesday's council meeting.

Mayor Jay Vavricek and City Attorney Robert Sivick agreed there weren't enough council members present to vote on the issue. Three were absent and one seat is vacant.

The lawsuit surrounds the year long controversy over pensions for G.I. police officers hired before 1984.

According to state statute, pensions must be calculated with a gender neutral annuity table. Former police captain Kortum's pension used a gender specific calculation.

City Administrator Mary Lou Brown says it is impossible to find a gender neutral annuity table in the state of Nebraska. She says the city is working with state leaders to find a solution.

Kortum and the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission have filed the gender-bias lawsuit. The settlement asks for $141,500. That number includes attorney fees.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission ruled in favor of Kortum.

Sivick says that is not a legal decision.

The council will discuss the settlement at the November 26 meeting.

Sivick says it's a decision that could impact the city for years to come.