G.I. Drainage Project Nears Completion


AnotherGrand Island drainage project is nearing completion.

G.I.Public Works Director John Collins says the Stagecoach Detention Cell could be completelyredone in the next two weeks.

Collinssays he's already getting positive feedback on the project from the community.

But,in many parts of town Monday flash flooding followed heavy rains.

Thecity has more than eight projects – not counting sub-projects - in the works tohelp with drainage.

Collinssays a stretch of road near the intersection of Webb Road and Faidley Avenue ison the list because it is impassable after a hard rain.

Thatproject hasn't started yet.

Astudy should be completed in the next one to two years to determine what elsecan be done.

"It'snot like there's one overwhelming cause, but there are continual issues almosteverywhere you look," said Collins. "All those together cause the water in thebasements, the water standing in the ditches."

Collinssays half of the city could see a difference when the North Morris Creek Detentioncell project is completed in another two to three years.

Anotherbig project starts next summer. That's when G.I. gets new equipment to cleanthe storm drains.

Collinssays, in some areas, they're 90 percent clogged.

"Wecould keep it running 24/7 for years before we get the whole system clean,"said Collins.

The Street Department recently tested the equipmentdowntown and there was so much dirt it took a week to clean one block.