GI Finance Director Wants Jury Trial for Drunk Driving


Grand Island's city finance director wants a jury trial, as she hires a well known attorney to fight drunk driving charges.

Jaye Monter says she's not guilty, in a written plea to the judge. She waived her right to a hearing that was to have taken place on July 3.

She has hired defense attorney Clarence Mock of Oakland, NE, who often takes on high profile cases.

Mock led Arkanjelo Kot's successful defense that saw him acquitted of murder by a jury in Hall County.

Monter faces five charges, including drunk driving, avoiding arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident.

Authorities say the Cairo woman was observed by a Hall County sheriff's deputy, who apparently saw Monter rear–end another vehicle on the highway.

The deputy turned to follow Monter and activated his overhead lights, but Monter allegedly failed to stop.

She has requested a jury trial, which could take place this fall. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for September.