GI Installs Easier to Read Street Signs

The new signs featured mixed-case lettering and a different font

Think street signs in your neighborhood are easier to read? It's not because your eyes suddenly got better.

Let's face it, not everyone has 20/20 vision. But that's what the old guidelines were based on. Grand Island Public Works Director John Collins said the new rules are geared towards an aging population, and factor in 20/40 vision.

Grand Island is phasing out the old style of street signs written in all caps.

The new signs have a new font with larger lettering, and they mix upper and lower case, which studies show is more readable.

And if the signs are easier to read, officials believe the streets will be safer.

Collins said, "There's actually several traffic studies showing that people navigating new areas, the number of accidents in new areas looking for a particular street sign, were significantly higher than those who didn't. The new larger sign should rectify that."

Grand Island is making the change to keep up with national standards. The signs will also be more reflective and easier to read at night.