GI Student Crossing Street Struck By Van


Grand Island police say a boy was crossing the street after school on Friday when he was hit by a van.

Sgt. Ellis Collins says the student was leaving Westridge Middle School and crossing 13th Street when a westbound van hit him.

The student rolled up onto the windshield, breaking the glass, but was able to walk away.

Collins says family members were taking the boy for medical attention. He says it was a textbook case of a driver not yielding for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

"We work special operations up here, traffic enforcements, try to slow people down," says Collins. "We try to get up here and to all school zones as much as possible and use what equipment we have, like the speed trailer to warn people, but we can't slow everybody down."

The accident did happen in a school zone, but Collins did not know how fast the van was going.

He says the driver has not been cited yet, but the investigation continues.