Gibbon Cleans Up after what Residents are Calling "The Largest Storm in Years"


Storms ripped through central Nebraska late Wednesday evening leaving many towns mangled in its path.

This is now the second major storm to hit Gibbon in the last month, but residents say this time cleanup will be much worse.

"A long time ago we had some bad storms but not for a long time. About one of the worst I’ve had in years," said Gibbon resident Larry Galloway.

The storm left roughly 900 Gibbon and surrounding area residents without power. High winds, heavy rain and golf ball-sized hail was experienced as the vicious storm passed through.

Gail Jones, a woman who was visiting the area, recalls what it was like once the sirens sounded.

"We thought well we better do something here, let's not stand here, so we went down to the basement and then we came back and peeked and said okay it looks like it's gone and so we had to come out and look at the damage," she said.

The damage was not a pretty sight; the majority of the homes have been ravaged with siding and roof top damage from hail and high winds.

The storm has left trees uprooted, large limbs scattered across yards, and streets and sidewalks so covered in leaves they could barely be seen.

"Mostly leaves, leaves and downed branches. I have a large limb in the back that I’ve got to get a saw and clean that up with," Galloway added.

One resident said, “The storm could have been much worse, but it's bad enough.”