Large Hail Damages Roofs in Gibbon


In Gibbon, hail was so loud it could be heard over emergency sirens. Some home owners said they've never seen hail so big. Few homes were spared from June 14th storm.

The hail caused damage to cars, broke windows and created massive holes in gutters. "It sounded real bad. You could hear them thumping on the roof clear down in the basement," said Gibbon resident Joe Rayburn.

The hail ā€“ ranging from tennis ball- to baseball-sized ā€“ pelted Gibbon for a good thirty minutes.

Home owners were out assessing the damage, while roofing crews made their rounds checking shingles all around the state. The company Roof One still has some catching up to do from previous storms that swept the Midwest in the last few weeks.

Experts say even if you're not sure you have damage, it's better to have it looked at.

"You're not going to be able to distinguish your damage from the ground. You may look up and say 'hey, my roof is just fine' but upon further examination you could very well have a damaged roof and not know it," said Kevin Eggert, an inspector for Roof One.

Of all the roofs Eggert inspected on Sunday he said, "About 80 percent of the roofs Iā€™m on have damage, claimable damage. All of the roofs have some damage, but I think insurance companies are going to buy 80 percent of the roofs I am on.ā€ He also adds you never know when another storm will pass through.

Roofing experts said don't take the risk yourself getting up on the roof, let a professional get up there and assess the situation.