GIPD Investigating Utility Fraud, Don't Let it Happen to You


The Grand Island Police Department is investigating a fraud that involves the city of Grand Island Utilities.

A suspect was making calls to utility customers, informing them that they needed to pay their bill immediately or their power would be shut off. Most of these calls were made to restaurant-type businesses.

GIPD asks that if you receive any calls from anyone who identifies themselves as a representative of any utility company or any other company that instructs you to make a payment by phone, you need to contact that company yourself.

They advise that you do not rely to the telephone number that the caller gives you. If it is a scam they will be giving you a number to contact that is working with them to defraud you.

Know that if you are in default with the city they will first notify you on your utility bill.

The city will then send a notice in the mail. If still no payment is made, then a notice will be delivered to the property that is going to be shut off. Again, if there are any questions about your bill, contact the company directly yourself.