GIPD Issues Crime Alert Following Number of Thefts from Unlocked Cars, Garages


The Grand Island Police Department issued a crime alert Wednesday warning residents of theft incidents in which the thieves are simply walking into unlocked homes or garages and stealing valuables.

Authorities say several incidents have been reported recently by victims who had left their garages unlocked, occasionally with keys left in vehicles.

The department hopes this crime alert serves as a reminder for residents to lock up their homes and vehicles. They say it doesn't take much for a thief to go from an unlocked garage into an unsecured home.

Other suggestions authorities offered in their crime alert include turning on location services; recording make, model and serial numbers for valuables; removing valuables from sight; and remaining alert for suspicious persons, who police say may knock and ask for a person who does not live at the residence as a way of looking for potential victims.

Authorities ask that suspicious activity be reported immediately. A public crime map can be found at to help determine which areas have been hit.