GIPD Responds to a Rash of Burglaries


Grand Island police are asking for the community's help to put an end to the rash of burglaries hitting the city.

GIPD officials say they've responded to more burglaries and attempted burglaries this year than years past, but over the past weekend they saw high numbers for two consecutive days, something they say is unusual.

It was scattered all throughout the city -- businesses and homes fell victim to vandalism and theft.

Grand Island Police Sergeant Jim Duering said, "We would have a small cluster in one area and they would move several miles away sometimes and do another cluster of burglaries."

It added up to 16 burglaries and several other attempted ones, most of them at night or early in the morning.

The sergeant said there may be a connection between the burglaries. Duering said, "Given the time-frame and abnormal amount of burglaries in a short period of time there is probably a connection but we won't know that for sure until later in this investigation."

Many homes were targeted for electronics, falling victim to thefts of TV sets, video games, and more. Many businesses were left vandalized, including structural damage.

"The police called to tell us we had a break in," said Tammie Wobig, employee of a chiropractic office. She added, "They jammed the front door and broke the lock, took some petty cash and stamps and items like that, and they broke into other offices in this area."

Officials say they have two strong leads but could use the communities help, asking them to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods or near their business.