GIPD: Watch for Check Fraud Scam


Grand Island Police say they have taken several reports of a check fraud scam.

Officers say individuals, and even some businesses, will get the checks for jobs like babysitting or cleaning houses, but the amount is more than they're owed.

The victim is told to deposit the check, and then send the excess money back through wire transfers or prepaid cards. Hurst says victims don't know the checks are bad until their bank notifies them, then they owe the full amount back to the bank.

Officers say one victim received two such checks – the first from a person in Texas, but the check was from a Pennsylvania bank on behalf of a company in Virginia. The second was from a person in New York, but the check was from Connecticut, and the company was a university. Both had the exact same check number.

Officers say most bank depositors say they will not be able to spot the difference until it's too late.