GIPS School Board Talks Building Projects


Grand Island Public Schools is getting closer to a decision on major building projects.

The school board started the discussion a year ago, and now after lots of feedback from the public, they may soon vote to renovate and rebuild.

During their annual retreat the boardagreed on the following projects:

*Engleman Elementary addition

*Shoemaker Elementary addition

*Rebuild Jefferson Elementary on thesame property

*Build new Starr Elementary on GIPS'Adams Street property

*Remodel Senior High's 100 wing

The board will have to work fast if they want a bond issue on the November ballot.

"We would need to have full approval by the board in May in order to have an election this year," says Board President Jennifer Worthington.

"We're still looking at doing six projects, we think that's probably about three cents apiece," says GIPS Superintendent Dr. Rob Winter.

The board is also considering a new Stolley Park Elementary, and after public meetings, say they're looking at concerns they've heard about overcrowding in their middle schools.

"We've already started some of that with moving some students out to Westridge and hiring staff to alleviate some crowding in Walnut and Barr, and we started talking today about the possibility of adding on to Barr as well," says Winter. "That's in the very initial steps."

But the school board is working to get all this done as soon as possible.

"We heard from the community, don't drag this out over seven years, and if we did one school at a time, it would take that long or longer," says Worthington. "So we're going to need to get several contractors, lots of builders involved so we can tackle more than one project at a time."

The board expects to put the decision up for a vote in the next two months.