Girlfriend of Man Killed in Alliance Standoff Confesses to Helping Hide Body

Rose Siefke

A Hemingford, Neb., woman is facing up to five years behind bars for helping her boyfriend hide the body of a Denver man he murdered months before he held up an Alliance drugstore, and was killed by police.

Twenty–year–old Rose Siefke was convicted Friday after admitting to the crime, pleading guilty to a reduced charge of being an accessory to a felony in the murder of Josh Bullock – a 38-year-old Colorado man who was missing for six months.

Siefke's boyfriend, Andres Gonzalez, 27, told police where Bullock was buried during a day-long standoff at Thiele Pharmacy and Gifts last June.

Gonzalez was killed in a shootout with police after holding several hostages captive inside for 14 hours before eventually shooting and injuring three of them. But before he was killed, Gonzalez told investigators where to find Bullock's body – who had been reported missing six months earlier after visiting family in the Alliance area.

Prosecutors say Siefke helped Gonzalez hide Bullock's body in a remote area of Dawes County back in December of 2011.

Police investigated Bullock's disappearance, but came up empty until Gonzalez admitted to the killing during the standoff.

Siefke was initially charged with a class three felony, but had those charges reduced in exchange for her guilty plea.

According to court records, Siefke drove the night she and Gonzalez dumped Bullock's body in a remote area south of Chadron. Six months later, Siefke reportedly went to police saying Gonzalez had called her from the scene of a standoff, confessing to also killing his own father – 62-year-old Larry Gonzalez – just moments before.

Larry Gonzalez's body was found shortly before the standoff at the home he shared with his son, just a few miles away.

Police haven't said what led Andres Gonzalez to kill the men.

Siefke will be sentenced in July in Box Butte District Court.

Calls to Siefke's attorney and the Box Butte County Attorney weren't immediately returned.