GISH Celebrates Graduating Class of 2013


Nearly 500 students graduated from Grand Island Senior High School in the class of 2013 over the weekend -- walking in the ceremony at the Heartland Events Center Sunday to accept their diplomas.

The ceremony was special to many, including the graduates' principal.

It was principal Jeff Gilbertson's first high school graduating class, but he's been a principal for several other schools in the district.

"It's extremely special to shake the hands of a girl or boy that you were a principal for in first grade," he said.

Among those graduating were seniors Kianna and Kayla Ward. The twins say they'll go to Grace University next year to major in psychology.

"We had him in elementary school," Kianna Ward said. "He was a good principal and he's moved up ever since."

"He was principal when my brother was at STARR, so I know him because of my brothers and sisters, and when they went to Barr he was at Barr and then he came here," graduating senior Claudia Lopez said.

Many students said they were nervous at their ceremony but certain about their plans for the future.

Gilbertson said while each student is different in the paths they choose for their future, they all have one thing in common -- they're told not to quit.

"You're not dropping out and you have a future, and never stop learning," he said.