Giving a Life to Gain a Life: National Adoption Day


By Annie Andrews,

There are 107,000 children currently in Foster Care waiting for forever homes, one in five will never find a family, never know adoption or know what it's like to call someone mom.

In Kearney, on Saturday, as celebrations for eight families coincided with national celebrations, more children waited for the moment to be called part of a family.

"Mommy and daddy adopt us," said one little girl of her aunt and uncle, now mom and dad.

A fairy tale, a happily ever after, a story that starts with a forever family. "A lot of people really do say that we've done such a great thing and I just see that we've kept them together," said Jessica Smith. It was a family of three brothers and sisters, and an aunt and uncle who made a life changing decision.

"They were my nieces and nephews and we took all three of them in a couple years ago and then when they're parents signed over their rights we adopted them in September," she said.

The Smith's story is one of thousands that take place every year and get celebrated on National Adoption Day. "It's a day of celebration for families that have endured an often long and complicated process and come out the back door of the court in the most positive way," said an Adoption Judge.

But, for the Smith children, they are the exception. On average, children in Foster Care change homes more than three times and are often separated from siblings. "It means a lot to me that they stayed together the bond that they have with each other would've completely destroyed them," said Smith.

In one day, they become together forever as a family. "I recommend it to anybody because it's great to have those kids that haven't had the greatest experience don't have the greatest family life to be better off," she said. It is a gift she said she has given, and one that gets returned everyday by three small words.

"I love mommy and daddy," said her new daughter.

Every year more than 28,000 kids turn 18 in the Foster Care system with no family to support them in the future. For more information on you could become that support for a child, log on to