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There are many challenging rivers to canoe or kayak in Nebraska, with one of the most infamous located near Mullen. One family business continues to outfit those searching for an experience on the river. Winding through four counties in nebraska's sandhill's, the spring fed Dismal River captures a certain beauty unlike any in the state. The eight hour seventeen mile trip is truly a challenge but an outfitter in Mullen provides lodging and options for those looking for a peaceful adventure.

"They're a little slower then a canoe but our short trip is about a two, two and a half hour trip. Our longer trip is a five, five and a half hour trip and what's really nice about this Middle Loup River, we have real good access to it so you follow us to the take out and leave your care there. I take you up and put you on and you float right back to your car so you can spend eight hours on a five hour float or four hours on a two hour float, it doesn't matter to me. Just take a lot of picnic stuff and swim or picnic just as much as you want. The Dismal's a real good trip if you're up to it but it's not a good place to go figure out what you are doing or it will kick your butt. But I mean it's a good trip if you're up to it, just make sure you're ready. If you have any doubts about your abilities come do the first five hours on this Loup River. If it's easy you can probably go down the Dismal and have a good time. If you have any trouble on the Loup, come back and do the Loup until it's easy," said Mitch Glidden of Glidden Canoe Rental.

"It's good outdoor recreation especially with these tanks. I mean that's a true family outing. You know a canoe, kids had to sit down and shut up or they'd knock it over and in tanks kids can be kids, you know they can lean over the side, they can wrestle, they're not going to knock it over," he concluded.

Labeled the Great Outdoor Getaway without Leaving Nebraska, {A href=""}Sandhills Motel and Glidden Canoe Rentals can be found in Mullen just off scenic Highway 2.

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