God Made a Farmer... and Local Plant Built the Combine


And on the eighth day, "God made a farmer."
That's the theme of one of the Super Bowl's most talked-about ads, as iconic newsman Paul Harvey's words resonate on the farm. The ad for Ram Trucks features images of farmers and their equipment, with narration from the late broadcaster
But there's also a special connection to central Nebraska. That's because the red combine featured in the TV spot was built at the Case IH plant in Grand Island.
A company spokesman and plant official confirm that to be the case.
In addition, the company says this launches an effort they're calling the "Year of the Farmer."
Case IH is a sister company to Ram Trucks. The truck company plans to give a million dollars to the National FFA Organization.
They want the money to be used for education to train the next generation of agri-business leaders.
As for the local Case IH plant, it continues to hire more help. Exact numbers are not known, but according to past accounts on NTV, the local plant has been building a couple of dozen combines a day in Grand Island, each at a price tag around $300,000 or more.
And every combine that goes down the assembly line has already been sold to a farmer waiting to use it.
You can see the ad here: