Going Against the Grain Part 1: LGBT Community in Nebraska


The president of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in Hastings, or PFLAG says 3 percent of people living in Nebraska say they are gay. Todd Ruhter thinks most Nebraskans know someone who is gay and may just not know it.

One of the group's goals is to have everyone feel accepted. They are currently fighting a battle over employment discrimination against gays.

“We have members in the group that are at varying stages of coming out both for LGBT people and their allies and they are learning to accept that in their life,” said Ruhter.

PFLAG member Bryan Whitecalf came out to his church pastors during his freshman year of high school and now struggles to fit in at central Nebraska churches.

“Some of the ministers find out about that I’m gay, then there’s usually an anti-gay message that Sunday morning, so I feel targeted at times,” said Whitecalf.

Whitecalf hopes to find a church in the area that embraces its gay members. He thinks if a heterosexual marriage is in the church bulletin, why not a same sex one.