Going Against the Grain Part 2: Vegans in Nebraska


A vegan won’t eat any meat, fish or dairy, while a vegetarian can eat eggs and drink milk. Not eating a steak or taking a bite out of a bacon cheeseburger may be hard for many Nebraskans, but there is a small community in Grand Island that says they prefers a greener lifestyle.

Danae McCoy is a cook at the Chocolate Bar, she loves preparing a veggie wrap for customers. When she first became a vegan 11 months ago she had a hard time finding meals to cook at home.

“It’s always tough to find things similar enough cause the tastes aren’t always the same. You give someone vegan mac and cheese and it’s going to taste different,” said McCoy.

McCoy takes her lifestyle to the next level; she won’t wear any makeup, clothes or use toiletries that have animal product in them.

One of her customers, Beverly Roubesh says she doesn't like the idea of animals being killed so she could be fed.

“I just felt like why eat animals when I can eat beans, legumes, vegetables and save all those animals,” said Roubesh.

Roubesh believes she has more energy, feels better and has better digestion since making the lifestyle change.

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