Good, Bad or Something Else - "Jersey Boys"


No longer dabbling, Clint Eastwood is jumping into the music world, with his adaptation of the Broadway hit "Jersey Boys".

The story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is a fairly familiar one. Guitarist Tommy DeVito is a two–bit criminal, when he's not trying to make it big in the music world. After going through several different bands, he finds a young man with a unique voice, one Frankie Valli. They enlist a song–writer, and things really take off from there.

The problem is, the same story arc has been done before. And done much better in films like "That Thing You Do" or "Walk the Line".

"Jersey Boys" can't decide if it wants to be straight bio–pic, or an actual musical. The songs are essentially played in full, leaving little time for the actual characters. That's probably best though, because the musical performances are the best part of the flick. "Sherry Baby", "December 1963", "Big Girls Don't Cry"; you name it, all the four seasons' greatest hits are here. But you can get those from the record player, and hear Valli's actual voice.

"Jersey Boys" is bad. The songs are great, but the rest is nothing you haven't already seen.