Good, Bad or Something Else - "Tammy"

Melissa McCarthy not only stars, but co–writes this incredibly mismarketed comedy. McCarthy stars as Tammy, the title character who is having a really bad day; in the midst of a bad life overall. After losing her job and her marriage... She decides to hit the road. Her grandmother (Susan Sarandon) provides the cash and the car for the trip.

Based on the t–v spots and trailers, you'd expect "Tammy" to be a typical McCarthy vehicle, akin to her character in "Bridesmaids". Rather than playing Tammy's misfortunes for laughs, the flick goes for a more depressing vibe. The problem is you never really feel for the character. It's just a series of bad events, but there's hardly anything that makes you feel like "Tammy" deserves a better life. She dishes out insults and vulgarities at an incredibly high clip.

It falls far from living up to past road trip movies. It doesn't have the thrills of "Thelma and Louise", the laughs of "Dumb and Dumber" or the interesting characters like "Easy Rider".

"Tammy" is bad. It doesn't offer much in the way of laughs, originality or really anything interesting.