Good Sam. Recognized for Great Patient Experience


GoodSamaritan Hospital has the honor of being distinguished as one of 2012 America's Best Hospitals for PatientExperience.

The hospital was presented with the Women's Choice Award from WomenCertified®. The award is given out for facilities that consider female patientsatisfaction and what women say they want from a hospital.

Some of the criteria includes qualityphysician communications, responsiveness of nurses and support staff,cleanliness and trusted referrals from other women.

MikeSchnieders, president and CEO of the hospital, said "at Good SamaritanHospital, we stand on the shoulders of the sisters who came before us, so weare honored to receive this recognition. The sisters delivered care exceedingexpectations of the patients and meeting their needs in so many ways. We havethat same obligation today and into the future – continually improving patientsatisfaction and the quality of care while we reduce the cost of healthcare."

"GoodSamaritan Hospital's selection by WomenCertified as one of America'sBest 100 Hospitals for Patient Experience differentiates it from other choicesin the area," explains Delia Passi, CEO and founder of WomenCertified, andformer publisher of Working Woman and Working Mother magazines. "Women havemany choices when it comes to health care, and they set the standard forcustomer service. Women's Choice Award recipients have demonstratedextraordinary service in meeting the needs of women and their families, andrepresent the smart choice for women."

A study published by the American Academy of Family Physicians says that women make or influence 90 percent of the health care decisions faced by their families as well as themselves. This is why WomenCertified views it as necessary to find the hospitals that meet the needs of women specifically.