Good Samaritan Celebrates 90 Years


A local health care provider is celebrating 90 years of service; Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney was founded in 1924.

On Sunday community members and staff shared stories, food, and cake at a picnic outside, facing both new and original parts of the facility.

Good Samaritan has expanded nine times since the first building went up.

Hospital president Michael Schnieders says it shows there’s a need for the facility, and future growth can be expected.

“We’ve evolved obviously over the last 90 years, we’ll continue to evolve - health care is changing rapidly, so we need to change with it, we need to meet the needs of the times and whether that’s technology, whether that’s building, or whether that’s doing services,” says Schnieders.

Though Good Samaritan is based in a community of 33,000, they help 250-300,000 people from northern Kansas to the South Dakota border.

“50 percent of our business is outside of Buffalo County, so there’s a lot of people that depend on us for their initial primary care as well as their secondary, tertiary care, and we want to continue to be there to meet those people’s needs,” says Schnieders.

Around 1,000 babies are born in Kearney each year, so the hospital is asking people to celebrate their 90th “birthday” by sharing their own “Good Sam baby” stories on the Facebook page.