Good Samaritan Hospital Reroutes Around Pediatrics Unit


Health officials say the 2013 flu is one of the worst health outbreaks in years, but the flu isn't the only thing going around. One local hospital is taking steps to keep their smaller patients healthy.

Starting January 14th, Good Samaritan Hospital is rerouting visitors, staff and patients from walking through the pediatric wing.

They currently have four patients with RSV...a virus that affects the respiratory system in children.

Officials say they're taking every step to make sure everyone's safe.

"We reroute traffic on the pediatric unit when we start to have certain number of infectious diseases on that unit," said Good Samaritan R. N. Barb Seams-Meyers. "Both for protection of children who are hospitalized there and protection of citizens walking through hallways."

Signs are posted and volunteers have been instructed to guide visitors when calling for room numbers. The rerouting will take affect from 4–6 weeks or until the numbers of RSV illnesses goes down.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Officials urge visitors or family members to stay home if they're sick, to cover their cough and use good hand hygiene when visiting their patients.