Goodall Speaks at UNK


The most well-known primate expert in the world visited Kearney Thursday night. Jane Goodall spoke to a sold out audience at the University of Nebraska- Kearney.

Goodall visited the Kearney area to view the Sandhill Cranes in their natural habitat. She has studied chimpanzees and other animals the past 45 years and says she has always been fascinated by the Sandhill cranes in central Nebraska.

"Wild open skies, and the mystery of this long migration -- and the fact they've found a place to fatten up -- some of them as far as Siberia, it's pretty magical," said Goodall.

Freshman science major Alexis Page found tickets for Goodall's lecture at the last second. When she found out she was going, she was happier than a kid on Christmas.

"Being a science major, she is one of my idols," said Page. "I've looked up to her forever."

Page hopes to study chimpanzees like Goodall one day.