Goodfellows Milk Program Helps Build Healthy Families


For many, a healthy family is the key to a happy family, and it's important to know there are programs out there to help make that possible.

Boogaarts and Kearney's Goodfellows have partnered to provide kids with milk for more than 20 years. And while both need and costs continue to grow, officials say the determination to promote a healthy diet for children will always remain the same.

"Prices always seem to be going up. I know it always gets more difficult for people to provide everything they need to get nutritionally for their children and families," said Boogaart's Dairy Manager Audrey Codina. "I know that's why this program is in place; it's there to help families so that they're able to provide."

"We've never been at a point to where we've ever considered stopping the program since we've started it years ago," said Goodfellow's president Scott Anderson. "We've managed to maintain that program, keep it going, so as long as we have the support of the people in Buffalo County we intend to continue the program."

The Goodfellows milk program currently helps more than 60 families in Buffalo County.

REPORTER'S NOTES: The Goodfellows milk program allows one half gallon of milk per child for families who are struggling, and have been referred by a pastor, school counselor or social worker. For more information call the Kearney Salvation Army, Boogaarts, or Goodfellows president Scott Anderson at 308-236-3415.