GOP State Convention Held in Hastings


Nebraska's State GOP Convention drew republicans to Hastings this weekend.

Party leaders said the state's republicans are unified after a crowded primary in some key races.

"I was hoping that this would be a unifying convention. It's the first time a lot of the people have come together since the primary election. Turns out when we got here we were already unified, which was a real pleasant surprise," said J.L. Spray, chairman of the Republican Party of Nebraska.

Tackling the Affordable Care Act tops their list of goals.

Saturday, the delegation voted to support the repeal and replacement of the law.

"That's a train wreck of the first order. That's nothing but trouble and confusion and frankly the question I ask people when I talk about Obamacare is, do you understand where you're going to have your health care come from next year? And, a lot of people don't know," said Spray.

Candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner Todd Wiltgen said property taxes are also a concern.

"A lot of people talk about property taxes. That's a big issue in Nebraska. One of the highest taxed states when it comes to property,” he said.

Wiltgen is a native of Kearney.

He said it's important for republicans in Lincoln and Omaha to visit out-state Nebraska.

"It kind of gets them out of their comfort zone, so they so they can see what most of Nebraskans are like," said Wiltgen.

The democrats will hold their state convention in Lincoln in August.