Gosper County's 'Civil Ready' Alert System Replaces 'Code Red'


Tornadoes, flooding, even Amber alerts, Gosper County is now utilizing a more cost effective way to alert residents when dangerous weather or disaster strikes their rural community.

'Civil Ready' replaced 'Code Red' last week, making that one obsolete. Residents in rural Gosper County and surrounding communities will now receive notifications via social media and text messages instead of just by phone.

Officials say utilizing this technology during emergency events will alert everybody, regardless of where they live.

"It's just so we can include everybody. We don't want to exclude anybody, we don't want to forget anybody that's out there," said Gosper County Sheriff Dennis Ocken. "Everybody's got the right and a need to know if we have a disaster or weather conditions that may affect them."

Tornado sirens will still sound for tornado warnings, and residents will have to sign up for the new 'Civil Ready' program, even if they were already signed up for the 'Code Red' program.

REPORTER'S NOTES: All 'Civil Ready' alerts are dispatched through Dawson County, and can be sent to Facebook, Twitter, through text message and other forms of social media, and messages can still be sent to regular land-line phones as well. Residents can sign up for 'Civil Ready' at, or call Gosper County Sheriff's Department at 308-785-2420 with questions regarding this process.