Gov. Heineman Proposes Budget Increase to Allow for Tuition Freeze


Gov. Dave Heineman has joined together with colleges across Nebraska to propose a two-year budget that would allow for a tuition freeze for the state's students.

"In Nebraska, we understand that education is the great equalizer andthat's why education is a priority for me," said Gov. Heineman. "Investing ineducation is important to Nebraska's future. It is also critical that ourpostsecondary institutions manage their resources efficiently to control theircosts."

The agreement would have the funding increased for the University of Nebraska as well as the Nebraska State College System.

The proposed budget would increase the amount of state appropriation money going to NU from $498 million to $541 million in FY2015. The Nebraska State College System would see an increase from $45.5 million to $49.6 million if approved by the Legislature.

In exchange for the increased funding the university system and state colleges have agreed to freeze tuition for Nebraska students attending UNL, UNK, UNO, UNMC, Chadron State, Wayne State andPeru State for 2013-14 and 2014-15.

University of Nebraska President James B. Milliken said: "I want tothank Governor Heineman for his commitment to investing in higher education inNebraska. State support is crucial to sustaining the priorities of a greatUniversity of Nebraska system – including affordable access to high-qualityeducation."

Gov. Heineman and President Milliken worked together to develop the affordability compact proposal. Gov. Heineman then contacted NSCS Chancellor Carpenter about a similar compactat Nebraska's state colleges.

"I readily agreed with the idea of a compact that would provide theNSCS with an appropriation level that would allow us to freeze tuition," saidChancellor Carpenter. "It is good for our students; it is good for ourcolleges; and it is good for Nebraska."

In 2009, Nebraska reorganized its preschool through college (P-16)initiative to strengthen the education that we provide to Nebraska students.One of the goals of the P-16 Initiative is to provide affordable access forNebraska students to attend Nebraska's postsecondary institutions.