Gov. Heineman Signs Liens Bill into Law


Governor Dave Heineman signed LB210 into state law Thursday. According to Secretary of State John Gale, the bill aims to stem the filing of bogus liens.

Gale says that when individuals file bogus liens it creates a long term impact on the victim's ability to secure credit or apply for loans.

"These typesof liens have been a growing problem over the past several years. They serve nopurpose, other than to harass the victims," said Gale. "Now under LB210, myoffice will be able to file what is known as a termination statement againstthese bogus financial statements."

"Thisallows us to take action in such a way it may save victims to the time and costassociated with having to go to court to get the situation resolved," added Gale.

The Nebraska Bar Association, Nebraska Bankers Association and the Nebraska Uniform Law Commissioners aided in drafting the bill.