Governor Sends Ag Director to Ag Event in China

Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach

Gov. Dave Heinemanannounced Monday that he is sending Nebraska Agriculture Director Greg Ibach to Beijing,China, later this week to represent the state at a workshop designed to sparkmutual U.S. - China investment in agriculture and bioenergy.

"As the most populous country in the world, China already is animportant part of Nebraska's trade economy," said Heineman. "Theopportunities there are endless, and we need to position our state to beactively engaged in events such as this workshop to maintain a competitiveedge."

Seizing Investment Opportunitiesin Agribusiness: A U.S.-China Workshop is being coordinatedby The Paulson Institute, the Chinese Agricultural Association forInternational Exchange and the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. The event willtake place Dec. 7. Ibach is slated to be a presenter at the workshop,discussing the opportunity for Chinese companies to add value to Nebraska-growncommodities within the state's borders.

The Paulson Institute is chaired by Henry M. Paulson, Jr., former U.S.Treasury secretary. The Institute is working to promote sustainable, worldeconomic growth and a cleaner environment, with its initial focus on actions bythe governments and businesses of the United States and China. At the governor's request, Ibach is serving as an adviser on the U.S.-ChinaAgricultural Investment Experts Group of The Institute.

"The trading landscape with China continues to evolve, and Nebraskamust be part of the conversation and prepared to adapt," said Ibach. "Iappreciate the opportunity to represent our farmers, ranchers andagribusinesses on The Paulson Institute and as part of this workshop."

Participants will include representatives of Chinese and internationalcompanies and investment banks, national and state agricultural leaders, andagribusiness consultants. The event is designed to look at opportunities foragriculture-related investment between the United States and China.