Governor's Office Seeking Members for Newly-Expanded Natural Resources Commission

Individuals interested in serving on the newly-expanded Natural Resources Commission are encourage to apply with the governor's office. Applications will be accepted through close ofbusiness on Tuesday, May 6.

Gov. Dave Heineman signed into law Wednesday a bill aimed at addressing water management, water quality and flood control issues. Included in the bill was the expansion of the commission from 16 members to 27 members.

The commission will includea diversity of water users, including outdoor recreation users,range livestock owners, public power districts and wildlife conservationgroups, as well as others involved in agriculture.

There are ten areas in which applicants are being sought. Applicantsmust identify which area of interest they are applying for from the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Agribusiness
  • Irrigation District
  • Manufacturing Interests
  • Outdoor Recreation User
  • Public Power District
  • Public Power & Irrigation District
  • Range Livestock Owner
  • Wildlife Conservation Interests
  • A Lincoln Resident who is Interested in Water Issues

Interested individuals should send in a resume and completed application to Kathleen Dolezal in the governor's office, at P.O. Box 94848, Lincoln,NE 68509 or