Kearney Graffiti Vandals Target KPD in Weekend Incident


Vandals were at it again over the weekend in Kearney as many areas were spray painted with graffiti.

Officials say they believe the graffiti tagging took place between Saturday and Sunday night, and they say it's going to take a lot of time and money to remove it all.

Among the places that saw the heaviest vandalism were city parks, including Apollo and Centennial.

Dumpsters, storage facility doors and buildings were also tagged along 19th and Railroad streets.

The majority of the graffiti from Apollo Park is too graphic to show on our website.

Officials say most of the graffiti was vulgar slurs aimed towards the Kearney Police Department.

"A lot of it was someone's admiration towards our department, and the reference of smoking weed and doing narcotics," said KPD Captain Mike Kirkwood.

Kirkwood says they are taking this attack personally and though they have yet to locate the culprit or culprits, he says they are doing their best to locate whoever is responsible for the tagging.

KPD is asking anyone with information to contact them directly at (308) 237-2104.