Grand Duke Alexis Rendezvous


Let General Philip Sheridan lead you on one of the nation's last buffalo hunts, the {A href="" target=_blank}Grand Duke Alexis Rendezvous. "I believe this was one of the biggest events in Nebraska's history," said Sheridan, also known as Wayne Mintling.
In 1872 Nebraska rolled out the red carpet for the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia. Generals Sheridan and Custer, Buffalo Bill and Chief Spotted Tail all took the Duke hunting in 1872.
"Everywhere he went he was me by big cheering crowds. He was very popular with the ladies and they made complete fools of themselves everywhere he went," Sheridan said.
In 2000, folks wanted to start remembering this all-star hunt by holding an annual three day rendesvouz complete with re-enactments, history lessons, and a wedding this year.
"They learn about the hunt and the different games they played in those days and it's a lot
of fun for the kids."
And it's even your chance to join the ranks of Custer and Sheridan. "Buffalo Bill sets up a very nice camp, he actually has the Grand Duke's tent. Our General Custer has been on the History Channel on 12 different programs. When you see Custer on the History Channel, that's our General Custer. When you see Buffalo Bill on the History Channel, that's our Buffalo Bill. Of course, I'm still waiting for Hollywood to call," Mintling said.
Hollywood may not call, but Nebraska history's on the plains is calling you to Hayes Center.
"The whole secret of the whole deal is having fun and that's what we do."

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