Grand Island, Kearney Stores Report Customers Using Counterfeit Money


Police reports show Kearney and Grand Island stores have recently reported receiving counterfeit cash.

A local Pump & Pantry reported customers using counterfeit 20 dollar bills last Friday and Monday to make their purchases.

"There has been an increase of counterfeit bills reported over the Christmas shopping season. A lot of these bills will get passed when people are in a hurry and after the fact, they get noticed," explained Kearney Police officer Matt Young.

He says a popular con is to ask for change from a fake 50 or 100 dollar bill.

Police say someone can tell a bill is fake if the colors are washed out and faded away in addition to the red and blue fibers featured on recently printed money.

However, the most common method of checking for a counterfeit bill is holding it up to the light and finding a watermark.

Stores may also check if a bill is phony with a counterfeit pen detector. If the pen marks the bill with black or brown ink, the money is not real.