Grand Island Central Catholic Receives Horse and Knight Addition


Grand Island Central Catholic gained a new addition to their grounds today

A new school mascot statue of the Central Catholic Crusaders is now guarding the grounds on the corner of 13th Street and Custer.

The horse and knight were installed earlier this afternoon thanks to the donation from the Bosselman Companies.

The statue came from a Settle Inn Hotel. After remodeling left it without a home they felt Central Catholic was a perfect place for it.

"We started working with the admit department and they graciously accepted a donation and over the last four months we worked on where the placement would be and how we'd get it and when it would take place. And it's worked out real well for us. We really appreciated grand island central catholic letting us be a part of this."

Bosselmans supplied all of the man power as well as laid the concrete earlier last week.

And Superintendent and Principal Steve Osborn said choosing the spot for their new crusader wasn't easy.

"We had to figure out where we're going to put it. After many trips around the school and thinking and brain storming we came up with the corner, for the purpose of a landmark so to speak.

Students had no idea of the statue and were excited to hear about the new addition earlier this morning.

And plans are in place for students in the art club to paint the statue crusaders blue.