Grand Island Experiencing Rash of Fake Money

      A rash of counterfeit money is hitting Grand Island.

      The latest bills, police said, were taken by two G.I. businesses and a church over the weekend.

      Three fake $50 bills were reported to G.I.P.D.

      Saint Mary's Cathedral was one victim. They said the fake likely came in during a fundraiser.

      They said it's not a big hit to the Catholic church, but it is money that would have gone to charities or church upkeep that won't now.

      A Menards and McDonald’s took in the other fakes.

      Police said one bill even had several marks with a special pen showing it was a counterfeit, yet the clerk still took it.

      Officials said even if you don't have a special pen, there's many security features on money now that can help you spot a fake.

      "Whether it be with a black light. Whether it be the security strip inside if you hold it up to an ambient light source and look for the reflection, the water marks. A lot of bills that we get are not a high grade bill. One of the $50 was actually smaller than a regular bill is," said G.I.P.D. Captain Dean Elliot.

      Police continue to investigate these bills and they're making progress.

      Lyssa Lanzendorf, 19, of Grand Island, was arrested for one $50 fake used at McDonald’s.

      Captain Elliot said several people were also been arrested in the past few weeks for making counterfeit bills in a local motel room.

      G.I.P.D. is passing out money guides to businesses in an effort to catch these thieves.

      For ways to spot fake money, click here.