Grand Island "Proud" of $20 Million Vets Home Package


Community leaders in Grand Island say they're proud of a package they've put together to support construction of a new veterans home.

County Board Chair Pam Lancaster told NTV the total package is $20 million, which includes $4 million in cash dollars available immediately.

Lancaster said the proposal includes land, utility upgrades and other amenities.

"I'm proud of our community and proud of how we do business," Lancaster said.

The legislature and governor recently approved the state portion of funding for a new home. The majority of the project would be funded at the federal level.

The state asked cities to submit bids for the facility that will replace the home that has been in Grand Island for 126 years.

Lancaster said the intangibles are also in Grand Island's favor, with a community history of supporting veterans. The new home would be built near the existing home, which would place it near the VA medical center, a veteran's park, the Veterans Athletic Complex, and a veterans cemetery.

The $4 million in cash includes $3 million from the city, $300,000 from the county and $100,000 from the Grand Island Economic Development Corporation.

Proposals were due on the 11th by 3:00 p.m. Lancaster said a caravan of vehicles traveled from Grand Island to Lincoln, to ensure the proposal would arrive on time.