Grand Island Receives Settlement in Lawsuit Against Weed Killer Manufacturer


The city of Grand Island has received a share in the settlement of a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer of weed killer atrazine.

The city was awarded $38,000 for its share as dictated by the U.S. District Court forthe Southern District of Illinois, where the case was litigated.

Atrazine was used widely throughout the Midwest to help control weeds in corn crops. The product was useful as a weed killer, but also contaminated water after seeping into the water table.

Usingscientific testing and utility customer data, City Attorney Bob Sivick andUtilities Director Tim Luchsinger prepared a claim on behalf of the GrandIsland which was approved by the Honorable J. Phil Gilbert at a hearing held inOctober 2012.

The Utilities Department was able to find the presence of atrazine in water samples taken throughout the year. The water continues to be monitored to make sure the levels of atrazine do not pose a public health risk.

Sivick stated, "I am pleased toreceive these funds on behalf of the city of Grand Island as compensation forpotential additional expenses resulting from the contamination of the city'swater supply from atrazine. The city's administration and its Utilitiesand Legal Departments are committed to insuring the people of Grand Island andits water utility customers always have a reliable source of safe, cleandrinking water."

The Annual Water Report can be found onthe city's website.