Grand Island Sudanese Community Offers Anti-Drug/Violence Program for All Kids


A Grand Island Sudanese community strives to keep their kids away from negative influences, with hopes of spreading their message to people of other ethnicities as well.

The Sudanese community hosted an anti–drug program Saturday, in an effort to get younger generations to steer clear of drugs and violence.

Organizers saw the need after noticing TV programs showing violence involving kids.

They say with negative influences like drugs and gangs, it's important to target youth at a young age.

"When they get in high school they start doing these types of activities or drugs," said program director Peter Lodoku. "We don't want this to be in our town or our kids, that's why I think this program is very beneficial and to help them focus on their goal."

Organizers hope to continue this program and invite others in the Grand Island community to take part as well.