Grand Island Visitors Bureau Completes Makeover of Website, Marketing Strategy

Visitors Bureau's New Logo

The Grand Island Convention & VisitorsBureau has a new website to go along with a refreshed logo, new visitor guides and a new marketing strategy.

The bureau says the new has been designed to provide browsers with basic travel information quickly as well as giving site visitors a chance to learn more about Grand Island's culture and attractions through "beautiful imagery, short videos and stories."

"An incredible amount ofpreliminary research and hands-on work went into the site," said Brad Mellema, executive director of the visitors bureau, "and the early feedback we've beengetting indicates that it was all worth it. People are interested in thestories and digging deeper into the site, deeper into what Grand Island has tooffer."

Also seeing changes is the bureau's logo. The new, simple logo with three colored triangles is meant to be flexible for other possible applications.

Additionally, the Grand Island Vibe, the city's official visitor guide, has been redesigned and is now more like a magazine. It is similar to the website in that it now will try to incorporate more stories and characters for the readers to relate to.

As part of its new marketing strategy, the bureau is focusing its efforts on five areas they say are key. Those areas include: sports events, meetings and conventions, agriculture/livestock, crane migration/wildlife and local awareness.