Grand Island Woman Waits For a Second Chance At Life


Over100,000 people in the United States are on the waiting list to receive a new organ,and nearly 500 of them are living in Nebraska.

Every10 minutes, someone new is added to the list, and an average of 18 people willdie each day waiting for organ transplants.

45-year-oldTam Lyions suffers from a genetic disorder called Alpha 1-antitrypsin, andlives her days at an 11% lung capacity.

Whileshe waits for new lungs, Tam rarely leaves the house because her conditiondoesn't allow her to be around many people.

"Ifeel like I'm living in a bubble," Tam said.

Shewaits and waits for that call and that perfect match.

"Gettingmy call is the most important thing at this point. If I don't get my call, Iwill probably pass on."

However,Tam remains positive throughout it all, already planning activities after shereceives her new lungs.

Thefirst thing she will do is play basketball with her sons then go running withher husband.

Organdonation begins with one person who recognizes the opportunity to help others,and you have the power to donate life.

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