Grand Island's Visionary Task Force Focuses On Positive Future

Staff changes, recall attempts, and budget battles have plagued Grand Island in recent months. Now, community leaders look to the future.

Mayor Vavricek spoke in front of a newly appointed "Visioning" task force on Friday, representing special interest groups from medical to educational.

They're preparing a grander vision for the community, both city and county wide, looking at how to grow in a matter that works for everyone.

"Our vision would be simply that we would have feedback from everyone, see what their concerns are, what their needs are from transportation to housing," said Hall County Board of Supervisors Chair Pamela Lancaster. "To how can government, for instance, serve you better. What can we do to make this community a better place to live."

"My vision is optimism in the community, whatever the community defines trying to think how we want to grow," said Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek. "How fast, what the needs might be, those are important community decisions. It has to be a consensus, not driven by one person."

Officials deemed Friday's meeting a success; a first step and starting point for the new "Visioning" task force which will meet periodically to share ideas.