Grander Vision Open House to Lead to Vision Statement


Members of Hall County’s five communities were invited to brainstorm the area’s future at an open house event Wednesday night.

Consultants say it’s the next step in Grand Island’s “Grander Vision” process.

About 40 people learned more about the results from the recent online surveys and focus groups. They also took part in surveys of their own with hand-held voting devices and instant results.

The firm leading the study says they’ll use all the information about education, jobs, and lifestyles to craft a vision statement for the area.

"Overarching vision plus some action items, we're going to think about really where this all goes from here and action steps -- the next things the communities together can do,” says Britt Palmberg, the project manager with Design Workshop, the firm helping with Grander Vision.

“We're going to have a final public meeting in early October to really come back and talk about that, kind of talk about where this all goes from here,” says Palmberg.

Consultants say after the big public meeting this fall, they’ll finish by publishing a report that Grand Island, Cairo, Alda, Wood River and Doniphan can use going forward.