Grander Vision Task Force Wants County-wide Input


Why do people stay in a community? It’s a question that can have many answers, and Grand Island leaders say it’s one of several they’re asking not just city residents, but their neighbors county-wide as well.

Grand Island Mayor Jay Vavricek says the Grander Vision survey found on the initiative’s web site is 21 questions they’ll be using as they map out the city’s future.

This week the Grander Vision Task Force has been holding community outreach events at places like the Hall County Fair to get more people involved.

The entire effort has been underway for more than a year now, but most of the work has centered around GI. Vavricek says GI, Cairo, Doniphan, and Wood River are too interconnected for them not to get their neighbors’ thoughts too.

“Defining community as meaning more than just a single city, a single village; to think to what degree we can have all of a shared vision because jobs are shared, people are shared, everything we do in one town affects another,” he says.

The Grander Vision group is also in the midst of public presentations in nearby villages and towns. They were in Cairo earlier this week and will be at the Doniphan Village Board meeting on July 14th (7p.m. at the Doniphan Events Center) and at the Wood River Council meeting on July 22 (7p.m. at the Wood River City offices).

“There’s no sense for people to sit on the sideline; get actively involved,” says Vavricek.

He says the online survey is just one way to do that.

“Just fill out the 21 questions right now, it takes five to seven minutes, but those questions - they’re going to predict how we move forward positively in the future,” Vavricek says.

Click HERE to learn more and take the survey.