Grants Help Cozad Add/Retain Jobs After Plant Closure


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvconnieweight

A Dawson County community, struggling after losing a major employer, gets a second chance.

Two USDA grants were granted to the city of Cozad. One is to help renovate a building for a new call center, and the second is for the Cozad Community Hospital to purchase a Doppler ultrasound machine and digital phone system.

The call center will bring 10 new jobs into the area, and the equipment will help retain and add employment.

"It's been a struggle for all of us," said Cozad Mayor Nancy Meyer. "And some people are kind of giving up on this town and we shouldn't be because we've got a lot going for us and we're going to keep looking."

"It's knowing that you're helping not only that one business but future ones down the road," said USDA's Kelley Messenger. "And for Dawson County especially, that have been hit by business closures a couple years ago, it's great to be able to walk in to that community and help them out, even though the money's going to one project right now, it's going to have a lasting effect on the communities there."

The grants will be put into a revolving loan fund to make money available for future projects in Cozad.