Grapevine Bird Feeder


  • 1 grapevine wreath
  • 1 clay saucer
  • 1 roll jute small rope

Tie jute to wreath. Making a spider web-like pattern, wrap the jute around each side of the wreath to hold saucer in place. You only need a small amount to stop the saucer from slipping through. Tie off.

Cut 9 strips of jute 5 feet long. Pick up 3 pieces at a time. Divide wreath into 3 points equal distance apart. Find the center of the jute and tie around the wreath to the top. Braid jute, leaving the last 4 inches unbraided. Repeat in other 2 spots with remaining jute.

Pick up the ends of all the jute and tie in a knot, making sure to hold the braids in the center so it will hang straight.