Gretna High School ('11)('10)('09)

Last Update 9.27.11

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School Mascot: Dragon

School Colors: Green/Gold

How many people live in your town? 2,300

When was your school founded? 1888

How many students are in your school? 775

How many are in your band? 152 (9-12)

are from:
Gretna and surrounding area

How many years has your band been attending the Harvest of Harmony? 14

What songs will the band be playing this year? "MalagueƱa"

Why did you choose those songs? Part of their field show

What previous awards has your band won? Consistent Superior Ratings at numerous contests.

Interesting facts or trivia: Traveled to San Antonio recently and performed at the Alamo

Drum Majors or Majorettes: Brandon Purintun, Shelby Dechow, Tate Rittenberger and
Aaron Ashley

Band Director: Alex Wimmer

How long have you been band director? 5th year

Band Directors:
Chris Tucker, 25th year; Brittey Harnack, 1st

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