Grills Pose Danger During Winter Months


The cold weather has arrived and if you decide to flip some burgers or grill some ribs, you might want to check your propane tank for cracks or leaks because if you don't, you are possibly setting yourself up for danger.

Award winning sportscaster and producer Hannah Storm was back on air Tuesday after suffering form 1st and 2nd degree burns due to a gas grill fire.

"I relit the flame and there was a wall of fire," Storm said.

The flames burned off her eyebrows and a good chunk of her hair.

According to the national fire protection association, from 2006 to 2010 fire departments responded to an average of 8,600 home and grill fires.

Now that snowy and cold weather has arrived, Hastings Fire Department recommends a few additional safety tips.

"You don't think about your propane tank and that it's been exposed to the elements somehow and moisture can get in it," fire prevention officer, Linda Waldron said. "The cold may have cracked some of the piping on it."

HFD recommends keeping your grill 10 feet away from your house and outside of your garage.

"They have lots of toxic fumes for it and can actually cause some problems like you would with your fumes from your car," Waldron said.

If you suspect something is wrong with your grill, don't use it.

On New Year's Storm tweeted "Happy New Year everybody! Great to be back on #RoseParade with @JoshElliottABC today. Thank you for all your support. Blessings in 2013!"