Group of Lexington Students Selling Daffodils to Benefit Cancer Society


A small group of students at Lexington HighSchool will make a big difference by saving lives through their efforts for the2013 American Cancer Society Daffodil Days of Dawson County fundraisingcampaign.

The Community Based Instruction Special Education Life Skills class has joinedforces with other volunteers across the county to sell daffodil bouquets whichwill arrive in time for Daffodil Sunday on March 10. Their efforts will supportthe American Cancer Society's mission to help people stay well, get well, findcures and fight back against cancer.

Teacher Riley Gruntorad enthusiastically encouraged his eight students tovolunteer for Daffodil Days after learning about it from Judy Biehl, who alsoteaches at LHS and has inspired Gruntorad with her own experiences in theclassroom.

"One of the most important things I try to instill in my students is communityservice," Gruntorad said. "We have been involved in many school projects alongwith helping out our community whenever we can. This is another opportunity tohelp support our community and it's a great cause."

Gruntorad has been teaching at LHS for three years. He developed the LifeSkills program "from scratch" and is extremely proud of his students for givingtheir best and making the program what it is today. He and two para-educators,Luz Mendez and Gina Knox, teach community involvement and life skills tostudents ranging in age from 16 to 21.

"Raising money for Daffodil Days is another way for my students to be active inthis area and strive to become better learners and people in our community.When students leave this classroom and go on to the next steps in their lives,I want to make sure they are prepared in every way possible," Gruntorad said."As their teacher, I am trying to create capable lifelong learners. I strive toembrace that in our community and have my students exposed to the community soI know our great city of Lexington will welcome, admire, become friend with oreven hire people with special needs."

Contact Gruntorad at Lexington High School, 308-324-4691, to order daffodilsfrom the class. Available items include a bouquet of daffodils for $10; aSunshine Bouquet with an American Cancer Society vase for $15; or a specialBoyds™ Bear named Ray O. Hope, designed exclusively for the American CancerSociety's Daffodil Days Bear and a Bunch™ that can be ordered for adonation of $25 and will include a bouquet.

The deadline for ordering is February 15. Daffodils will be delivered March 8just in time to spread their golden sunshine on Daffodil Sunday, March 10.